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One day in Taranto: what to see

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The foundation of Taranto, the only Spartan colony of Magna Grecia , dates back to the seventh century. B.C. and takes its name from Taras , son of Poseidone, king of the sea. Thanks to its strategic position, Taranto is considered the most important polis of Magna Grecia and, at the height of its development, states its supremacy on the other Greek colonies of Southern Italy.

Today it is the emblem of Magna Grecia, a city with a strong character, a crossroads of cultures and identities: taranto is a place to be discovered which can offer its visitors a kind soul, a millenary history rich in Chicche and glories of the past. The city of Taranto still preserves in the urban plots, traces of its ancient tradition that wants her daughter of the sea and the people of Sparta. Disputed between the myth and the history, we go to discover its best known attractions.

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