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Where is San Pietro in Bevagna and Its River

Where is San Pietro in Bevagna

Where is San Pietro in Bevagna and its Chidro river

If you have decided to book your next holidays in Puglia , specifically in the Alto Salento and you are wondering where is San Pietro in Bevagna and the Chidro river, here is for you a little guide.

Where is San Pietro in Bevagna

Below are our tips for visiting San Pietro in Bevagna . San Pietro in Bevagna is located in Puglia, specifically on the Ionian coast of North Salento , in the province of Taranto.

S. Pietro is located equidistant, about 50 km, from both Taranto and Lecce. And just 11 km from Manduria. Below is the map of San Pietro in Bevagna , where you can consult all the distances with the places that interest you most.

San Pietro in Bevagna: il fiume Chidro

One of the most beautiful attractions that are on site and that you cannot miss if you are on a holiday in Salento is the Chidro river in San Pietro in Bevagna . This stream, together with the Borraco river , flows into the Mandurian Ionian Sea and both represent two of the rare watercourses that cross Puglia. The Chidro River, near San Pietro , is the second most river in Salento , after the Ostone river that flows in the Lizzano area , in the province of Lecce.

Specifically in San Pietro in Bevagna the sea and the river come together in a dance of a thousand shades and transparencies, in which it is possible to immerse yourself freely. Regenerating yourself in the waters of the Chidro river in San Pietro in Bevagna Ta is almost a mystical experience. Yes, because this is a place with a high emotional and sensorial impact. In addition to the different temperatures of the water, a few meters away from the mouth of the river , in the shallow depths there are important archaeological finds: the ancient Vasche del Re. S. Pietro in Bevagna is not only crystal clear sea but also a lot of history.

But what does the history of this place tell us?

The legend has it that St. Peter the Apostle , shipwrecked in this strip of land, crossed this stream in tears, guilty of having betrayed Jesus . His tears would then have turned into shells, then kept by the locals as holy relics. Another legend tells that, in these waters, the apostle would have performed the first baptisms of the pagans.

Beach of San Pietro in Bevagna

During your holidays in San Pietro in Bevagna you can visit different beaches every day. You can choose to swim in the mouth of the Chidro beach, now an integral part of the nature reserve . The river of San Pietro in Bevagna is located nearby near the beginning of the town`s free sandy beach.

The long Mandurian beach extends towards the west, where the beaches of Borraco open, painted in blue. And to the east, towards the locality of Specchiarica near the Salina dei Monaci and Torre Colimena Nature Reserve.

For more information on the beaches, visit the dedicated page, you will find out lots of information on Chidro beach and on the other Mandurian bays crossed by these small rivers .