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The locality of San Pietro in Bevagna and its sea

San Pietro in Bevagna mare

The locality of San Pietro in Bevagna and its emerald sea San Pietro in Bevagna is a seaside village of Manduria, in the province of Taranto. The sea of ​​San Pietro in Bevagna , characterized by an exaggeratedly transparent water, is one of the shows you can participate in during your holidays in Puglia .

San Pietro in Bevagna mare: where it is

The seaside resort of San Pietro in Bevagna is located in the north of Salento, close to the area called “Arco Ionico Tarantino”. Specifically, the town is located 11 km from the "mother city" of Manduria, renowned for its production of primitive wine and for its Messapian origins. Furthermore, on the coast it is located between Taranto and the city of Gallipoli.

In the vicinity of the seaside resort there is also Torre Colimena : the suggestive defensive tower that stands out over the “Palude del Conte and Dune Costiere” Natural Park. This park hosts a populous colony of flamingos and various water birds every year.

The town of San Pietro in Bevagna rises on a plain enclosed between two rivers: the Chidro and the Borraco. These are two of the few streams that cross the Salento peninsula and flow into the sloping sandy ionic bottoms. In San Pietro in Bevagna the sea and the river are therefore the main protagonists of a natural landscape waiting to be discovered!

The coast of San Pietro in Bevagna winds for 18 km between bushes of Mediterranean scrub and crystal clear sea , which bathes large stretches of free beach . However, there are numerous beaches in San Pietro in Bevagna mare .

In San Pietro in Bevagna, the equipped beaches will allow you to rent beach umbrellas and sunbeds and eat in small kiosks, making your holidays in Salento unique. The location is specifically recommended for those traveling with children or for those who prefer the convenience of long stretches of sand. One of the strong points of this coast is the absence of the crowds which, instead, can be found in other Salento beaches.

Furthermore, in San Pietro in Bevagna the short distance that separates it from the major cities of the Arneo is one of the advantages for your stay. The renowned town of Porto Cesareo , in fact, with its lively nightlife is about 20 km from the Mandurian town. In a few minutes by car, it is therefore possible to reach nearby locations to spend an evening of leisure. S. Pietro in Bevagna is, therefore, the ideal destination for those looking for a stay in which to switch off without giving up a Californian sea.

But in San Pietro in Bevagna you not only have the sea, but also a lot of history to discover! It is said, in fact, that the origin of the town dates back to the landing of the apostle St. Peter on this stretch of coast. The apostle exhausted by the shipwreck and thirsty, approached a well of fresh water that stood at the foot of a statue depicting a pagan god (it is thought it was Zeus). He then turned to the sculpture making the sign of the cross and it crumbled at his feet.

To remember this legend, the town not only added the name of the saint in its toponym, but also built a small church dedicated to the same. It is still possible to visit this place of worship, with its mystical air. The church stands in the town square and rests on a pre-existing medieval tower, which gives it an anomalous appearance compared to the religious buildings of the rest of Puglia.

If you have been bewitched by the photos of this location and are considering staying here for your next vacation, take a look at our page of San Pietro in Bevagna rentals . San Pietro in Bevagna: the map Take a look at the map of San Pietro in Bevagna to choose the most suitable area for you. Don`t forget to also browse the photos of the sea of ​​San Pietro in Bevagna , to start dreaming of your next holidays in the Ionian Salento !